Sparking from basic necessity, Mental Case founder Jim Frech recalls a common need for any musician, local or touring; a need to protect your band’s lifeline … its gear. In the midst of the 1980s rock-n-roll movement, finding a road case was much more difficult than simply hopping on your smart phone or computer. Finding a superior – or custom case – just didn’t exist. After an extensive touring career, including the opening spot on the 1984 Van Halen tour, Jim took it upon himself to design and create a case that could withstand the abuses of the road while keeping his gear intact. Established in 1985 in Norwich, NY, Mental Case now resides in two locations. Administrative offices and research and development are located in Myrtle Beach, SC, while a complete showroom and manufacturing facility has found a home in the heart of Music City USA, Nashville, TN.



Located in a historic, newly renovated, 12,000 square foot factory, we prefer to keep things organic at Mental Case, Inc. Supporting the local economy and reducing its environmental footprint are all on the agenda for MCI, which prides itself on being made for musicians – by musicians – right here in the USA.
And while Mental Case has made its mark in the music industry, our capability as craftsmen does not stop there. MCI now produces cases utilized in several fields, including the sporting and medical industries; theater and stage production; and professional lighting. MCI employees deal directly with artists and technicians helping them design and bring to life any ideas they might have. When you deal with Mental Case, you get much more than a superior product; you gain a lifelong community of highly trained musicians, craftsmen and like-minded companies.