Welcome to the Mental Case Blog page!

     Welcome to the Mental Case Blog page, where we'll be regularly updating visitors on all the goings-on here at our Nashville location; from shop improvements to cases in progress, shop shenanigans, additions to our online store and more! And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Just click on the links below!

- We're gearing up for 2017's Summer NAMM show with a new website, online store and renewed sense of purpose as we continue to offer the very best in custom case design, in-shop and on-site repairs, sales and customer service. As always, no job is too big (or too small!) for our highly-skilled team of professionals. Mental Case ... built for musicians, by musicians.

- The past year found us making a number of significant shop improvements at our Nashville location, from a complete redesign of our foam, interior/finish, storage and assembly areas to the installation of a newly refurbished bed liner spray machine (for use on caster boards and interior drawers, just to give a couple examples). All of this in an effort to better serve our clients and streamline the case building process, from start to finish. Efficiency is the key and anything that helps us to offer a better product, faster, is a good thing.

- We are now offering a number of popular cases as part of our newly designed online store. Tray-style (and trunk-style) amp cases, workboxes, guitar and travel vaults, pedalboards and pedalboard cases and more can now be purchased right here at mentalcaseinc.com. New products will be added regularly so be sure to keep an eye out!